Lollapalooza is like EVERYTHING in music and fashion and who's who in audio life. So you need to carefully pick the stages and the artists your need to see, and obviously you need to select the BEST wardrobe! It's hot, it's long, it's large crowds, and if you're a true fan of the musical acts set to perform, it's going to be sweaty, real, deep emotional experience. You are going to need to have a well thought out fashion experience to account for every high of Lolla 2019.

From my experience last year, here are some of my tips to stay comfortable and fashionable at Lollapalooza 2019!

What To Wear Basics #1, Comfortable Shoes

If ya can, buy those gel inserts for your old kicks that fit all of your outfit styles and you just can't bear to let go of. Trust me, I have those chucks that having meaning beyond their appearance. They've been with me to festivals outside of the states and been a staple in my fashion choices. They are falling a part yet I cannot say goodbye to them. For those who have these instrumental footwear must-haves, do your tootsies a favor and get the gel insoles.

What To Wear Basics #2, Jean Shorts

Never underestimate a good pair of denim shorts...Especially the ones you keep away from the wash until after like 9-10 wears! ChaYaaasss, I'm real like dat. Jean shorts are the most amazing and versatile Lolla fashion selection. You can pair them with any style you're going for: loud, understated, casual comfortable. These are the go-to bottoms for when you can't decide on what best compliments your jewels and statement top. Don't forget a good pair of denim booty shorts can be rocked with those comfy shoes I mentioned above!

What To Wear Basics #3, Faux Lashes

Okay so hear me out. While long, lux eye lashes may not sound appealing, trust me they are going to make your eyes in every photo your posed in look the You can re-wear the same set for every day at Lolla. Don't fret if your fav pair of falsies are on the expensive side; you're going to get the wear their worth if you commit to a solid brand of eye wear glue! My fav > here <

What To Wear Basics #4, Light & Breathable Threads

Again, from peak heat to being in a space packed with 50,000 people+ you are going to want to be super comfortable. A light and breeze-worthy fashion selection will make you thank your inner stylist at the end of the day! Select something that you're going to feel cool in for hours on hours. The music is going to have you dancing and last thing you need is to be concerned about is how uncomfortable your outfit choice is making you feel. Be conscience of the scene when peeping yourself in the mirror with daily options. Choose pieces that your unmentionable areas will be able to breath in!!!

What To Wear Basics #5, Confidence

You make the outfit, the outfit doesn't make you. Rock your appearance with a great attitude and a smile. You deserve to have the time of your life at Lolloapalooza 2019! Make sure you share your fabulous wardrobe choices with or any MyArea Network Fashion Community page. We are dying to see your style! And share your favorite performances....duh!!!

Thee end : )

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