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Mix Reviews on Malliway Bros Spells, Charms, & Potions 1 year ago

Malliway Bros Spells, Charms, & Potions

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In May/June, I attempted to visit the shop at exactly at close and was met with a frightened employee that excused her fear by slamming all men for trying to rape a woman in the shop. I said she personally knew me more than that, as I was a member of the community shop for years since they opened, never had an issue. I brought it up to Blake on many occasions, and found myself banned for no reason whatsoever to be discussed, threatened if I inquired further. He messaged me, months later last night, with a unspecific apology, not knowing why he was sorry, and I asked again to be unbanned and for their to be talks with that employee. I was told it's more of a priority for the employees to work on their publications than to deal with my outstanding issues. Blake further accused me of being a "Natze", which is beyond professionally. It's been about 5-6 months now. It's shameful that your employees can 'curse' out about men. If the sexist females of this shop don't feel comfortable dealing with men, then apologize to me that I have to deal with their misandric comments. Once you apologize and unban me, I'll remove this review. I also don't appreciate the attitude, Blake. You kept dodgin

Cons: Misandric comments by the staff and the owner will not address this. Owner said it was "sad" when I bought something special... it was also a really hurtful comment. Owner cares more about his employees than who they've hurt, a community member. Tough guy simply can't apologize and when he does, he doesn't know why he is apologizing.

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