Politicians, civil servants and other public employees are in luck if they are looking for jobs in Chicago. The city is certainly home to well-known private corporations, including United Airlines, Boeing and Hyatt Hotels. Chicago also has the third largest economy in the United States and features job opportunities in any industry. However, the local, state and federal governments are by far the largest employers in Chicago. Here are a few of the largest employers in Chicago.

U.S. Government
The U.S. government is one of the largest providers of Chicago jobs and has over 77,000 employees. Many federal agencies have regional offices of headquarters that are located in the city. The US Department of Justice, the Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Education are just of few of the agencies that have offices in Chicago. The U.S. government has a reputation for being one of the best employers. Strong benefits, competitive salaries and job security are just a few of the advantages of Chicago jobs with the federal government.

Chicago Public Schools
Chicago Public Schools is the third largest school district in the United States and has 43,740 employees. The district relies on the services of thousands of teachers, administrators and classified staff members in order to operate 675 schools. Chicago Public Schools must cater to the needs of over 409,000 students. The district provides opportunities for teaching professionals with expertise in various areas of education, including the sciences, English As a Second Language (ESL) and special education.

City of Chicago
The city government is one of the largest suppliers of jobs in downtown Chicago. The city is home to a large population that relies on the local government to provide basic daily services. Police officers, maintenance workers and accountants are all employees of the local government. Currently, the city offers 36,242 jobs in Chicago.

The city of Chicago is home to prominent corporations in many industries. However, the public sector may be one of the best employers in the city. Both entry-level and experienced professionals can find rewarding government jobs within minutes of downtown Chicago.