The city of Chicago boasts numerous free attractions and things to do. From exploring the Lincoln Park Conservatory to browsing the eclectic array of ancient Near East exhibits and collections at the Oriental Institute Museum, there are many free things to do in Chicago.

Located on Stockton Dr., in a popular Chicago community, the Lincoln Park Conservatory features four display houses, a wide array of aquatic plants, tropical palms and even ancient ferns. If you're looking for recreation in Chicago, consider walking the length of the conservatories botanical garden. Admission into the Lincoln Park Conservatory is free of charge.

Few Chicago events or organizations are as educational as the Chicago Architecture Foundation. The Chicago Architecture Foundation's ArchiCenter features multiple exhibits, hands-on classes and a museum shop. If you visit the Chicago Architecture Foundation, be sure you don't miss the downtown scale model exhibit. The 16-square-mile downtown area scale model happens to be one of the most well-known exhibits at the Chicago Architecture Foundation. If you want to attend a few popular Chicago events, don't miss visiting the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

If you're interested in the ancient Near East, you may want to visit the Oriental Institute Museum. Exhibits contain artifacts, excavation records, photographs, administrative documents and even unpublished documents containing notes, study collections and excavation drawings, among other things. Admission into the Oriental Institute Museum is currently free of charge, yet donations are always accepted. If you're a major history buff, you are not going to want to miss the Oriental Institute Museum in Chicago!

If you're looking for recreation in Chicago, consider visiting one of Chicago's many free admission parks. A few popular community parks in Chicago include the Cantigny Park, Lincoln Park and the ever-so-popular Millennium Park. Be aware that although admission into a Chicago Park may be free of charge, parking usually costs a few dollars upfront.

If you plan on visiting Chicago in the near future and have to keep to a tight budget, don't worry, there are many, many free things to do in Chicago.  Get out there and explore today!