If you are into meeting people or running for recreation and the good of your health, you should consider joining a running club.

There are several running clubs in Chicago that offer you the chance to run with other like minded people in the city's beautiful parks. This will allow you to meet new people in the area while getting in some great exercise.

Chicagos largest running club is CARA, Chicago Area Runners Association. They have nearly 9000 members, with about two hudred turning out for meetups and runs to maintain their health.  For more information, visit their website here.

 The Lincoln Park Pacers Running Club has been going strong for almost thirty years. They have two fun runs a week plus host numerous activities and meetups throughout the year. While not free to join, the cost for an annual membership is less than fifty cents a week.  Visit their website here for more information.

The Hash House Harriers running club is free to join, but after the run, members all pitch in to get some refreshments at their post run meetups.

Momentum is a club that has fewer planned runs, but they are alway fun. Many join in just for the recreation aspect of the run, having scavenger hunts while running five miles sounds like an awesome way to get in some exercise.

Additionally many gyms have running clubs that their members can join, free of charge, and learn more about specific nutrition needs for runners and get a personalized plan to get them running races. If you are used to running on the treadmill, give running outdoors a try and see how great it makes you feel to run in the fresh air.

Joining running clubs in Chicago can also help you find out about cycling clubs in the area as well. Many tri-athletes join both running and cycling clubs plus swimming clubs to stay in shape for race season. Such clubs are a great way to find others who are interested in their health and want to exercise socially.

If you are new in town joining a running club is also a great way to meet people in the area and visit the beautiful local parks.